The Perks of Traveling


“Why travel?” You’ve asked yourself this question dozens of times before and while you didn’t find the answer you are looking for, you always end up booking a flight, boarding an airplane, and landing to a new destination every time. The travel bug never really does fail. 


Every person has a different reason for traveling. But if you are looking for concrete ones, here are the perks you can get when you travel:


Traveling helps you discover who you are


Some people travel to explore themselves. Indeed, this is true. When you visit a place that is new to you, you only have yourself to count on. And when you don’t have anybody for support, that’s when you start seeing and discovering things about yourself that you never thought existed. 


Traveling opens your eyes


When you travel, you discover new things. Be it a new place, people, food, language, culture – there is no limit to what you will see and explore when you open your life to travel. 


Travel is experience


There is no better teacher than the experience of travel itself. No classroom or online training can ever give you the education you can get from traveling to different places and learning a different culture. Traveling is an experience worth every penny you pay for. 


Travel to move on 


Many people love to travel because they want to forget. They want to move on or get into another adventure in their life. Travelling gives you the sense of transition to reflect and realize where you want to go and how you want the ending to be. When you travel, you become more awake with everything going on around you. 


Travel for challenge


Sometimes there is no better competition than yourself. You want something else from your normal routine and you want to explore more. Traveling gives you access to create moments and achievements that you will never be able to achieve if you just stay at home or work. 


Grow your confidence and get ready to take on the world via traveling. Realize your potential and discover the things you can do. Travel is always a good idea and you should take it!


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Vacation Ideas When You Travel Around The World

Everybody wants a fun vacation. With all the different places just waiting to be discovered, deciding on where to go and what to do can be confusing. So to help you get started, we’ve come up with these nifty vacation ideas that might just be the thing you need to help you decide.

Cultural trip. Experiencing different cultures is a different high. There is a part of us that is always curious about people from other cultures. The world is full of places rich in different cultures and traditions.

Go ahead and book a cultural trip with a respected luxury travel agent and experience places like the Great Wall of China or the Pyramids in Egypt. Bring your camera because taking pictures will be the rule.

Beach holiday. Going to the beach is always fun. The ocean, white sands, the sun, the bar—you can’t go wrong with this one. Whether you are just looking for a time to relax or do something different like surfing, beach holidays have them in spades. And if the whole family is going, it is even more fun. So pack your swimwear and leave everything behind to enjoy the sun and surf.

Luxury cruise. You worked hard the whole year round so you deserve that luxury break you dream of. So when you feel like it’s time to spoil yourself, go on a luxury cruise.

You get to see different destinations and meet people while enjoying good food, drinks, and entertainment all on one holiday. There is no better way to enjoy travelling than going on a luxury cruise.

Top Food Spots To Visit In Vietnam

Vietnam is a country with a lot of great food places to visit and a lot of tasty food to eat. If you are visiting the country soon but unsure of where to start, here are some of our top places:

Experience Hoi An’s Lantern Festival

Hoi An becomes a Kaleidoscope of colours and light during its Vietnamese New Year’s Lantern Festival. The celebration also last for seven days, with the road from Hoi An Bridge to the Hoai River Square submerged with a lot of colourful lanterns. More than 50 workshops join in the event to create the most innovative lantern.

The Old Town that is located between the Japanese Covered Bridge and the Cau An Hoi Bridge is the centre of the festivities. To appreciate the festivities even more, hire a sampan boat and watch as thousands of lanterns float on the river. You can also participate in the event by buying a lantern and set it afloat too.

Ride a boat to Mekong Delta

Experience islands, rice paddies, stilted villages and a way of life that has not changed for hundreds of years, it is as if your ride on the boat to Mekong Delta will make you just want to soak up the view.

You can ride a commercial cruise that visits parts of the river. Experience a night on the river as you take the cruise from Cai Be to Can Tho.

Taste the best pho in Hanoi

Hanoi has become popular for its traditional bowl of pho. In fact, Hanoi has gained a reputation in serving the best pho in Vietnam. Every restaurant says they have their own secret recipe. Why not try the best pho at Pho Thin on Lo Duc in the historic French Quarter.

Places To See When Travelling To Europe On a Budget

Want to travel Europe but low on budget? Here are some of the best places and easy ways you can do things for free when on the continent:

Visit the Louvre in Paris for free

The Louvre is free for you to enter if you are under 26 if you are not, and you are a teacher, it is still free of charge. Take note that the Louvre is still free for everyone on the first Sunday of the month, so make sure to plan your trip ahead of time.

Enjoy choir singing in Westminster Abbey, London

Visiting Westminster Abbey may cost visitors £16 during the day, but if you visit the place at around 5:30 pm, you don’t have to pay for anything. Once inside, you will be treated to the sound of the choir and enjoy the evening.

Visit museums in Madrid for free

The two best-known museums in Madrid are free to enter if you know when. Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia provides a free entrance on Saturdays after 2:30 pm and all day Sunday while Prado provides a free entrance all day on Sundays.

Watch the Glockenspiel show in Munich

The Glockenspiel show in Munich is one of Munich’s whimsical attractions. You can catch the show twice daily at 11 am and one at noon for 15 minutes at Marienplatz. The attraction showcase 32 life-size figurines acting out the ‘Cooper’s Dance’, a local tradition. A large number of tourists and locals come to watch the show for free every day.

Beautiful Places To See in Italy

Italy is one of the most famous places for travellers. If you are going to visit the country, check the following places and see why the country is full of life, tradition and culture:

Juliet’s Balcony

The city of Verona is famous in Shakespeare’s play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and Verona is home to the balcony of Juliet.

The city of Verona bought the home featuring the balcony in 1905 to attract tourists although the real-life Romeo and Juliet does not exist in real life. The balcony has now become a tourist attraction and couples come to this place to declare their love for each other.

The Coliseum

Rome is the home of the famous Coliseum and if you are in Rome, you should never miss this amphitheatre. The ruins of this magnificent place once held over 50,000 spectators during its time. The amphitheatre was famous before its gladiator matches. Now, it stands as a famous ruin for tourists to imagine the violent spectacles that once entertained the crowds.


Pompeii is famous for its open-air museum where you can find preserved houses and relics, ancient Roman forums, baths that are well-preserved because of the events that took place in 79 AD when Mount Vesuvius erupted and destroyed the village down below.

The eruption also signifies the preservation of Roman life where tourists can now see what it was like during that time.

Vatican City

If you are a religious person then you should visit Vatican City. The city is also home to powerhouses like the Piazza San Pietro and St Peter’s Basilica.

Free Things to do in Washington D.C.

Washington is a great place to visit as it offers many attractions, as well as great bars and world-class restaurants. It can, however, be very expensive. That’s not to say that it isn’t an enjoyable place for the budget traveller; there are plenty of national monuments and parks to visit, so those who love the outdoors and learning about history can keep costs pretty low! Let’s look at some of the main free things to do in Washington D.C.

US Supreme Court

The Supreme Court makes the final decisions on legal matters. You can even see it play out for free as court sessions are open to the public, with free 30-minute lectures on offer in the main hall. There is also a visitor film and various exhibitions in addition to the lectures, which can be very interesting and informative.

US Capitol Building

US Congress meets in the Capitol Building, and you can take a free tour through it if you get there early enough to score one of the tickets, which are given on a first come, first served basis. Plan to be there early as the tickets usually go very quickly. You can also score free tickets to sit in the galley to watch Congress in session. Be sure to clean your ears afterwards….

The Smithsonian Museums

The Smithsonian Institution offers a selection of museums and research centres which are free to enter and feature IMAX movie theatres too. The buildings to visit are so fascinating and include the Air and Space Museum, American Art Museum, Natural History Museum as well as the Smithsonian Gardens.

Vietnam War Memorial

The National Mall is a tree-lined park with many monuments that you can walk around and explore.  Some of the monuments include the Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument, Ford’s Theatre National Historic Site, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial.

Here you will also find the Washington Monument, a marble obelisk at the centre of the park to honour George Washington and the World War II Memorial. This memorial is dedicated to the 16 million people who served during WWII, including the 400,000 who died in the war for America.

Take advantage of all the free activities and sights on offer in Washington, to soak up the city and learn about the incredibly rich history while saving your money to make it last longer during your travels.